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The place where everything happens, Collections co-ordinated by a latent elegance and an artisanal production of virtuous hands of the sewing made by the designs through their different trades.

In the heart of the workshop, the lines of the collection are interpreted and the “toile” of all the garments that will be part of it are made. The structures for coats, the soft lines for dresses, the fluidity of the skirts or the subtlety of the blouses are studied.

Once the initial test of proportions of the prototypes has been passed, the patterns are ready to be cut into any refined fabric for making.

During the tests, the final fabric and the details that will constitute the garment are defined, leaving everything closed for assembly.

After hours of hands specialists, using a bust for checking, and after an essential plate that seats each and every one of the seams of the garment, the dress is finalized in the absence of the last test on model and its final labeling.

In this way we write the history of each pieces that make up the universe of Juan Vidal, poems written with needle and thread, the materialization of an idea in the hands of a human, family and honest team that makes up the soul of all our clothes.

Made to Measure

Tailoring is an art in danger of extinction. Due to the immediacy that surrounds us, the time to enjoy the creation of a garment adapted to our body seems increasingly scarce. However, many women do not want to access standardized models, it is because of them that our workshop continues to offer this trade reserved for patience and the pleasure of craftsmanship.

We like to know our customers to continue learning from them, for that reason we are honored to receive visits. To adapt to the new times we work with a usual methodology of three appointments. A first to know and understand the tastes, desires and needs of the customer, a second one in which we approximate our ideas and a third appointment in which we tested the toile in a custom fitting for adjustment and possible modifications before the final delivery of the clothes. We invite you to enjoy with us the process of creating unique pieces.

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